How Testers can feel pride

Here is a list of things we (testers) can do to help feel pride in our testing when everything works and we have few to no bugs to report.
  1. Congratulate your programmers on a job well done.  Encourage a small celebration.  Encourage more of the same by asking what they did differently.  Feel pride with them and be grateful to be a part of a successful team.
  2. If you miss the ego boost that accompanies cool bug discovery, brag about your coolest, most creative, most technical test.  You were sure the product would crash and burn but to your surprise, it held up.  Sharing an impressive test is sometimes enough to show you’ve been busy.
  3. Give more test reports (or start giving them).  A test report is a method of summarizing your testing story.  You did a lot.  Share it.
  4. Focus on how quickly whatever you tested has moved from development to production.  Your manager may appreciate this even more than the knowledge that you found a bunch of bugs.  Now you can test even more.
  5. Start a count on a banner or webpage that indicates how many days your team has gone without bugs.
  6. If the reason you didn’t find bugs is because you helped the programmer NOT write bugs from the beginning, then brag about it in your retrospective.
  7. Perform a “self check”; ask another team member to see if they can find any bugs in your Feature.  If they can’t find bugs, you can feel pride in your testing.  If they can find bugs, you can feel pride in the guts it took to expose yourself to failure (and learn another test idea).
What makes you proud? You can give your own reasons in the comment box.... 

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