Why do we Need Software Testing Metrics and Reports?

Need For Software Testing Metrics and Reports

Software testing is the process of identifying the flaws or defects in the system and make sure it is compliant with the client requirements before releasing it to the market. But testing can never assure 100% bug free software. This might show the inconsistency and inefficiency of testing process or testing methodologies followed, it could also account the human errors in case of manual testing or script errors in case of automated testing. This directly impacts the quality of the software. Hence, in order to improve the software quality, certain protocols and rules need to be laid down and complement the efficiency of the software.

Every software undergoes the risk phase. Hence risk management is a very important factor which needs to be taken care in order to improve the software quality, reliability and robustness of the software. Also there should be high amount of transparency as to where the software stands in terms of quality, quantity, progress, user effectiveness, compliance to requirements etc. This raises an alarm to have a systematic metric and report based process, thus giving rise to test metrics and reports.

Following are the points that support why software testing metrics and reports are necessary.

• Metrics help in easy tracking of the project status and also helps in presenting the statistics to the senior

management in an organized way.
• Back tracking can be very easy if every action is tracked appropriately.
• Metrics and reports help in collecting historical data using which further processes in testing can be made
more effective
• Project control, change control and reporting can be easily accomplished without hassles and confusion.
• Software Metrics and reports help in both project management and process management
• Metrics can directly influence both the efficiency and effectiveness of a software
• Helps in early defect detection and defect removal thurs reduceing the cost of defects
• Assists the managers in effective decision making
• Metrics also act as a benchmark for estimations and provide bottleneck to the testers
• Manages risk at ease

Testing Report
Software Testing Report

To summerize, the goal of a software metric is to understand the state of the software product. Hence, it is very much essential to choose the right set of metrics for your product during the testing process.
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