Manual Testing Prerequisites

Let us Start from the beginning in Order to be proficient in Manual Testing First. First we will go through some simple concepts/Terminologies/Stories then slowly we will move towards Manual Testing.

Software: A set of executable program in a computer is called software.

Quality Software: If a software meets customer's requirements and expectations then the software is called as 'Quality Software'. Here a requirement denotes 'Functionality in the Software' and expectations denotes 'Characteristics of that Software' like usability,performance, compatibility etc.

Software Application and Software Product: If a software is developed for specific customer's requirements then the software is called as Software Application or Project. If a Software is developed with respect to overall requirements in the market, then software is called as 'Software Product'. 

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): This life cycle process, depicts the stages in the software development.
Software Development Life Cycle

The above SDLC model is slao called as 'Linear Sequential Model' or 'Water Fall Model'

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