Release Testing or Port Testing

After completion of acceptance testing, project management concentrate on release team formation along with few testers, few developers and few hardware engineers. This release team is also called as onsite team or delivery team and the lead of the team is called as Delivery Head. This team go to customer site and launch the software after observing the below factors:

  1. Complete Installation
  2. Overall Functionality
  3. Input device handling(keyboard, mouse etc)
  4. Output device handling(Fax, monitor, printer etc)
  5. Secondary storage devices handling like CD, Pendrive, Hard disk, Floppy Drive etc.
  6. Operating System support
  7. Co-existence with other softwares in customer site
After completion of software launching and release testing, release team provide training to customer site people on that software. After of training release team return to their own organisation.

port testing
Release Testing