System Testing or Software Testing

When software is ready after Integration Testing, a separate testing team concentrate on software testing with respect to customer's requirement and expectations.

System Testing
Software Testing or System Testing

Functional Testing:

Testing team validates a software with respect to customer's requirements. During this test testing team applies below sub tests on a software-

  • Behavioral Testing
  • Error Handling Coverage/Testing
  • Input Domain Testing
  • Output Testing/Manipulations Testing
  • Database Testing
(a) Behavioral Testing-  This testing is also called as control flow testing or control structure testing. During this testing, testers validates correctness of flow in screens of SUT (Sofware Under Test) for example: Top to bottom and bottom to top.

(b) Error Handling Coverage/ Testing- During this test testers validate Software under test by operating in a wrong way. In this testing, testers test the appearance of error messages/ alert messages.

(c) Input Domain Testing- In this testing , testers validate the size and type of the inputs in the software under test.

(d) Output Testing/ Manipulation Testing- In this testing, testers validate the correctness of output/outcome in software under test.

(e) Database Testing-  This testing is also called as Back-end Testing. During this test, testing team validate the correctness of the front-end operation's impact on back-end data base in terms of data validation and data integrity. Correctness of the new data insertion is called as 'Data Validation' and the correctness of the changes in the existing data is called as data integrity.

In the above functional testing, the initial four types are categorized as 'Front-end' Testing whereas the last one is categorized as Back-end testing.

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