Non-Functional Test Design

Non-Functional specification based test design starts only after the completion of the test scenarios and test cases writing (using functional specifications, Use cases or screen of the Software Under Test). In order to prepare the non-functional test scenarios, testers depend on the non-functional specifications in the system request specifications.
Non-Functional testing
Non-Functional Specification Based Test Design

From the above diagram, It is clear testers read the non-functional specifications from SRS and then they prepare the test scenarios for- Usability, Performance, Security, Data Volume, Intersystem, Hardware Configuration, Installations, Multilinguality etc. Generally these test scenarios cover the following points:

  1. Verify spelling of labels in every screens of SUT
  2. Verify labels int cap in every screens of SUT
  3. Verify color uniformity throughout the screens of SUT
  4. Verify font-type uniformity throughout screens of SUT
  5. Verify font-size uniformity throughout screens of SUT
  6. Verify alignment of controls uniformity throughout screens of SUT
  7. Verify uniformity in the spacing among controls throughout screens of SUT
  8. Verify correctness of functionality grouped controls throughout screens of SUT
  9. Verify meaning of labels throughout screens of SUT
  10. Verify correctness of tool tips throughout screens of SUT
  11. Verify symbol of the icon to match with the provided functionality throughout screens of SUT
  12. Verify shortcuts throughout screens of SUT
  13. Verify abbreviations throughout screens of SUT
  14. Verify meaning of error messages throughout screens of SUT
  15. Verify OK and Cancel like buttons throughout screens of SUT
  16. Verify system menu appearance throughout screens of SUT
  17. Verify existence of scroll bars throughout screens of SUT
  18. Verify status bar or progress bar throughout screens of SUT
  19. Verify format of Date, Time and visibility in screens of SUT
  20. Verify help documents of a software in SUT
Above points are also termed as check list.


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